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My name is Athira Das

I am a Silicon Valley Engineer passionate about personal development and coaching. I help people to make sustainable plans to get unstuck in their careers and personal lives. 

With Grey Mahout, I can help you to master some CBT-based tools to be the Mahout of your Brain! 

My Story

I grew up in Cherthala, a village on the Southern coast of India. After my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering from Model Engineering College Kochi, I started my career in Data in Bangalore, India. I have always loved working with customers. I enjoyed finding patterns and making business suggestions with the help of data. During a high growth stage in my career in India, I moved to Chicago in 2016 to pursue my Masters in Business Analytics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I restarted my career as an immigrant at WeWork. I witnessed the company's accelerated growth and downfall, which helped me understand the management's good, bad, and ugly side. I am currently working at Meta as a Data Engineer. 

Later I discovered the Integrated attachment Theory to work on myself. I saw some fascinating changes in my personal and professional life. I also realized that a person's attachment style impacts not just their romantic life but also different areas of their life. I mastered some CBT,  ACT and IAT -based tools to work on my personal and professional life. I was always passionate about personal growth and career growth. I took a certification in Integrated Attachment Theory from Thais Gibson.  I also did a voluntary apprenticeship program with a smaller group with Thais Gibson for 1-1 and webinar style coaching. With Grey Mahout, I help people to make sustainable plans to get unstuck in their careers and personal lives. 


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