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Building Emotionally Intelligent Leaders and Teams

Coaching using a holistic framework backed up by theory | Data-Driven | AI Enabled

Welcome to Grey Mahout!

The name "Grey Mahout" draws inspiration from the term "mahout," traditionally used to describe elephant trainers or caretakers in Southeast Asia. By adopting the role of a mahout for our minds, we can train our thoughts and beliefs to work in our favor rather than against us. 

Coaching Philosophy

Every seed has the potential to become a forest; it only needs the right conditions to thrive. Likewise, every human being and every organization has the potential to impact society significantly; they need the right conditions to thrive. Coaching is one way to create those conditions. When you work with Grey Mahout, the coach creates those conditions for you to transform into a forest.

Meet your Coach

Hello, I am Athira Das


 I am an Evidence-Based Coach Practitioner who focuses on Leadership and Organizational coaching. With a rich background in data analytics, tech industry expereince and a strong academic foundation from the University of Pennsylvania, I bring a unique blend of insights from systems theory, psychology, data analytics, and personal experience.


At the heart of the coaching approach is the Intersection Model, a holistic framework I designed to navigate an organization's three components: Individual, Interpersonal relationships, and the System. It is a holistic framework designed to navigate an organization's three components: Individual, Interpersonal relationships, and System. The model considers the intricate interplay of personal strengths, interpersonal dynamics, and organizational systems. It follows a data-backed, process-driven framework to create personalized solutions based on the client’s unique needs.

Coaching Method - Intersection Model


1-1 Coaching

Group and Team Coaching


Working with Grey Mahout - The coach, process and more!

Sarah S


I really enjoyed working with Athira.  She has a way to get you to pause and really see those unseen abilities that you always had but didn't realize existed.  By working with her she helped me see my own confidence and helped me break down the barriers that were in the way of establishing and really going for my chosen career path.  It is thanks to her that I am now taking the next steps in my business.  Thank you Athira!!!

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