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Program Plan

I am offering a CBT based plan to accelerate your growth. I will create a personalized plan for you using some of the methods described here. This is a collaborative effort, where you and I will work together to bring the best in you! 

The Overall Approach


Understanding your limiting beliefs and reprogramming

The first step is identifying the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals. Here I will provide some tools to identify and reprogram them. I will use subconscious reprogramming methods and leverage the power of neuroplasticity to overcome them.


Understanding your personal needs and emotions

The second step will help you to identify your personal needs. We will work together to design your life in alignment with your personal needs. I will also provide some tools to manage your emotions and fears.


Reverse engineer your master plan for a thriving career

In the final part, you will devise a plan for a successful career. You and I will reverse engineer the plan to come up with smaller steps to achieve your long-term goal.

1-1 Career Coaching

I can help you identify and give solutions to the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from growing your career. I can help you develop a career change plan and provide some tools to reverse engineer it. I can also help you with interview preparation, stress management, and work-life management plan.

Interpersonal Relationship Coaching

I can help you to improve interpersonal relationships at work and personal life. The plan will be personalized according to your needs. I focus on tools to help eliminate core wounds and limiting beliefs. We can also work together to develop some methods for nervous system and emotional regulation.

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